Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey everyone,

I'm not really sure about my characteristics.

1) I do talk a lot, but I don't know how to start a conversation with a stranger. Does that mean I'm also a shy person or perhaps it's my ego?

2) Do I look like an unapproachable person though I reckon I do smile a lot? People will always approach my best friends next to me rather than having a one-on-one conversation with me. OR from my observation, they will be friendlier to my best friends compared to me. I do gossip a lot you know.... Some even said that I was funny (hahaha ok perasan)

3) People will always have negative perceptions towards me until they start to be my acquaintance and get to know how I carry myself. Why? Is the negativity just shines evidently on my face?

4) I only have best friends and I don't know whether I should consider my acquaintances as my friends. Like the 'Hi...Hello...Bye' friends. I wonder how people can do that. I mean, you hang out with your best friends a lot, but once in a blue moon with your acquaintances aka 'friends'. It's awkward for me.

People that I meet/liaise with while I'm completing my task/work, I would consider them as my colleagues. It falls into a different category. Nevertheless, some of them do turn out to be my best friends.

5) I absolutely don't know how to be a hypocrite. Meaning, you be friends with them whilst you bitch about them behind their backs. That's not just me. I choose not to talk to them at all rather than making them to sleep with their enemies.

I only say it because I mean it. I only mean it because it's true. I'm not really good in lying nor pretending.

6) Hate it when people make this remark about me 'She doesn't have any friends. If yes, it would only be guy friends'. This statement is so NOT TRUE! My friends would know what I'm talking about.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all my best friends who will always be there when I need a shoulder to cry on and for me to share my laughter with. Love you guys!!...and yes...I'm missing some of you guys a lot as I'm still waiting for our long awaiting get together trip. You know who you are!

To my best friends who are married.....perhaps a so-called reunion with 'a girl's day out' or perhaps 'friend's day out'?

p/s : This entry isn't written because I'm depressed. It's just my thought.



  1. hehe lein,
    this is an honest entry from you :)
    and to be honest, you don't look that unapproachable pun but tataula, ada macam satu aura yang nampak macam "u r not a warm person". tp no hard feelings tau. ni my personal opinion at first..masa mula2 nampak kat unggul dulu la :).
    tapi, pastu bila you dah baik dengan fara, akmal n fadh then i realise yang u nice and friendly jer orgnya tapi maybe like what u said kat point #5 tu.

    and to me, biarlah org nak cakap apa pun lein
    biar kawan tak ramai sebab it's not quantity that matters but quality.. true friends yang we can count on anytime, anywhere :)

  2. I know...and no worries...absolutely no hard feelings!

  3. just be yourself. peduli apa kata org lain. janji sendiri happy!

  4. Aida : Are you trying to tell me that you are funny as well? Hahahaha...NOT!

    Hadi : I am being myself & I'm happy of what I've become. It's just a thought, perhaps there's a way for me to enhance my face to look sweet & approachable? Hehehe

  5. huhuhu...kesian aida. die klaka jugak ape..huhu~

  6. ish this one sgt la not true

    Hate it when people make this remark about me 'She doesn't have any friends. If yes, it would only be guy friends'.

    u're my friend and im a girl ape. ehhe

  7. Yes Hana...unless you consider yourself otherwise....hehehehe

  8. Who needs friends whom judge people based on what they saw from the outside??


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