Thursday, December 30, 2010

Compact Powder

Hey everyone,

My old compact powder was about to finish, but one fine day I accidentally dropped the compact powder and it fell into pieces (menangis!). Thus, went to hunt for a new compact powder (yeay!solid reason to shop!). So I went to the Dior counter and found their latest edition of compact power. It's Diorskin Nude, a natural glow sculpting powder make up. Price is RM190.

It has 3 shades.
Top : Illuminer - to enlighten your cheek bones and nose bridge.
Middle : Sculptor - to sculpt your nose bridge (mancungla sikit hidung tu kan) and cheek (bole nampak pipi kurus gitu)
Bottom : Unifier - the powder for your whole face. Comes with an SPF 10 ++

The casing. Nice!

The extra brush for shading.

My review? Well the illuminer and sculptor work best with foundation. Just love the shading effect. Feel lazy to do the shading? You can just swipe all 3 with the sponge at one go and you are done!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

World Championship

Hey everyone,

My kickboxing instructor called me a few days ago and asked me to start training back. He wants me to join the World Kickboxing Championship next year which will be held in Canada as he's confident that he can get me a sponsorship. Sponsorship is the only reason why I have yet to join any competition. I do hope I can make the time although I kinda doubt about it. Looks like bye bye gym for now!

p/s : Hope by intensive training I can lose some weight?



Hey everyone,

Last weekend I went to the PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010 at KL Convention Centre. I almost wanted to buy the Macbook Air but I managed to hold myself and decided to think about it thoroughly.

I bought this cute mouse for only RM19 that comes with a year warranty. Since I don't have any laptop and only use my sisters', so I've decided to use it at my office. It's so pretty and light. Loving it!

I bumped into an MP3 player that shapes like a Mickey Mouse. So tiny and cute! Comes in different colours such as pink, blue, white and green. It's about RM 99 for 1GB. It also comes with 2GB storage.


Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Love

Hey everyone,

I'm in love with MacBook Air but somebody told me that I hardly used a laptop so it's a waste of money.... T_T :p

Simply gorgeous!

Love or lust?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kumbang bukan Seekor

Hey everyone,

I've decided to write this story in Malay as I reckon it would be more interesting (perasan kan? hihihi).

Aku ada seorang kawan rapat (ala-ala Kak Senduk gitu). Biarku namakan dia Sally aka Salman (bukan nama sebenar ok!). Kitaorang rakan sekelas masa sekolah menengah dulu, jadi dah lama jugala berkawan. Kongsi cerita atau pengalaman sambil bahan-membahan ni perkara biasala kan. Sally yang akan menjeling maut ke arah aku kalau aku panggil dia Salman di depan orang lain. Gaya je sopan-santun, tapi kalau sekali dia cuba bertepuk-tampar, boleh lembam juga tangan aku ni. Terkeluar pulak tenaga jantan dia. Hahahaha ok..ok...sambung cerita.

Satu hari Sally tepon aku, macam biasala nak bercerita kan.

'Nok...mak nak cite sesuatu ni, ko ingat tak jantan yang mak kuar ni'.

Aku pun macam blur-blur gitu jawab ye aje lah sebab dah tak dapat nak keep track jantan yang dia kuar, asyik bertukar aje. Laku juga kawan aku ni. Lalu aku pun tanya kenapa dengan jantan tu?

Sally pun jawab,'Aritu mak kena serang nok dengan sorang pompuan ni. Dia call mak pakai handphone jantan tu'.

Dalam hati aku berkata....OMG! Drama swasta gitu.

Sally pun sambung cite,'Pompuan tu dok tanya-tanya, sape ni....sape ni. Mak malasla nak jawabkan, dia yang tepon aku, diala cakap dia sape. Pompuan tu bising-bising tanya mak ni ada apa dengan tunang dia,'.

Aku pun tanya,'Apasal ko tak kuarkan suara jantan ko, boleh cover line...hahahaha,'

Sally macam malas nak layan dengan statement aku tu :p

Yang penting wah dah bertunang gitu. Kira kawan aku ni pun kena tipula dengan jantan tu. Jadi kerana terlalu bengang dengan pompuan tu Sally pon menjawab,

'Hei pompuan, yang ko nak marah-marah aku ni kenapa? Dah sah-sah kita dua-dua kena tipu dengan jantan tu!Laki kau tu cakap kat aku dia dah tak suka pompuan dah. Mana aku tau dia dah bertunang,'

Perempuan tu masih tak puas hati dan tanya ada tak diaorang ni pernah keluar bersama. Of course la ada kan..... siap light-light gitu bak kata Sally.

Kemudian, jantan tu pun telefon Sally, biasala jantan nak cover line kan. Dia kata konon-konon dia ada kanser la (kanser la sangat kan). Lepas tu dia kata dia bertunang pon terpaksa (hmm....alasan, tapi nanti kalau kawin dapat anak jugak kan?). Jadi jantan ni pesan dekat Sally yang Si Sally ni akan dapat jantan yang lebih baik daripada dia, lagipun Sally masih muda (wah gitu ayat bodoh dia kan...padahal sebaya ni, gaya cakap macam dia dah tua sangat je).

Kesimpulannya kejadian ni memang seperti drama swasta kat TV tu dan jantan-jantan ni memang ramai tak boleh dipercayai. Semua pun dia nak kebas. Tak faham aku.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Humility is the Best Policy

Hey everyone,

This happened when I went for a late registration for Pre-TESL at a local university. I was offered 2 courses and I had already registered for one of the courses. Thus, I didn't get the offer letter for Pre-TESL but only a phone call.

In order for you to be able to pay for your fees, you have to have your offer letter first (obviously!). So my parents and I went to the university's office to get my offer letter as instructed by my lecturer at the faculty. We went there, went to see an officer (if I'm not mistaken), a lady to be specific, asked for the offer letter and she said,

'Adik datang lain kali lah untuk ambik offer letter tu, adik masuk class dulu nanti bila-bila datang balik ambik surat,' with an arrogant face.

Thinking that it was ridiculous, my mum tried to help, 'Yela takkan sekarang xbole ambik...susah nak datang balik sebab anak saya tak drive, fakulti dia pon bukan di sini'. faculty was about 5-10 km to the office. It's at a totally different section, outside of the main campus.

Then she cut off my mum by telling her, 'Makcik sekejap ye saya tengah cakap dengan anak makcik,'. Just how rude some people can be.

I was 18, I didn't know what to do. Should I scold her to just do her god damn work? I mean, how hard can it be to just print out a stupid simple letter? To cut story short, I went to the office a few times, but I still didn't get the offer letter.

This issue on producing my simple offer letter went on until I received a warning that I could not sit for my final exam because I hadn't paid my fees yet! Now you tell me, was it my fault? So I went to complain to my Dean, she made a phone call, the next day I went to the office, they printed the letter straight away and it only took 5 freaking minutes!

One of my friends had the same problem, and when the stupid lady told her to come back again to get the letter, her uncle scolded her telling that it was ridiculous and they got the offer letter straight away! Maybe I should have done that.

Now that I'm working and I've developed this firm attitude (maybe...hihihi), if I bumped into these useless people, you will really get it from me (akan aku sekolahkan kau habis-habisan). Same goes to the makcik-makcik kerani kerek who work at the hostel. Amboi, bukan main lagi korang marah-marah student suka-suka hati tak pasal-pasal. Korang ni dah takde keje lain sangat ke? You should be helping the students, not scolding them just because you are lazy to just do your work.

p/s : I've also learned that sometimes you need to create drama to achieve something.