Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Make French Macaroons

 Hey everyone,

Last week I went for a French macaroon cooking class. Well you know I kind of like eating macaroons although I feel guilty because of the calories. Making French macaroons is so easy and you should try too.


100g Egg white (with a generous pinch of salt) - room temperature
  50g Sugar
120g Ground Almond (you may add 3/4 table spoon of cocoa powder) & 200g Icing sugar (sift together)
2 drops of colouring (you may use Ameri Colour)

Preheat the oven to 140 c (depending on your oven)

Whisk the egg white until it becomes fluffy and foamy (to make the meringue) *you may use the machine if you want to. Then continue whisking it and slowly add in the sugar and keep whisking until it becomes thick. 

 Later, add on the colouring and sift the meringue with the ground almond mixture.

Now it's almost done. Transfer the meringue in the pastry bag and pipe round shapes on the tray (make sure you line it with a parchment paper first). You may add decorations like sesame or poppy seeds.

Wait for about 30 minutes under the aircond only then bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes with a temperature of 120 c (depends on the type of oven you are using so make sure you keep an eye on them).

Whilst you are waiting, you may prepare the filling. There are a few types you can make according to your preference:
1) Cream cheese with raspberry or lemon or strawberry (which ever flavour you like)
2) Chocolate with whipping cream (melt them together and put it in the fridge for about 1-2 hours).

* filling is up to your creativity.

Put the filling in the pastry bag.

When baking is done, let them cool off for about 2 minutes.

Yeay it's already the final stage! Put the filling in the middle and sandwich the 2 same size macaroons.

Please don't forget to put the macaroons in the fridge as they can't withstand the humidity.