Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook in Real Life

Hey everyone,

Facebook is the new 'in thing' after Friendster & Myspace. Wonder what's going to be next. This video is so true yet humorous. Tell me what you think.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hey everyone,

I went to my friend's wedding just now. Seeing friends...chit chatting....catching things up. After a couple of hours, I decided to go back.

As I was about to reach my car, a boy, perhaps a 13 year old boy, came and approached me.

"Kak, kakak ni cantiklah,"
I replied,"Ok, thank you"
The boy came closer & said,"Nak salam boleh?"
Feeling a bit weird I said,"Eh tak payahlah, nak balik dah ni pun"
He came closer a bit more and insisted,"Ala bolehlah kak"

I really wanted to go back, so I said ok. So I shook his hand just to get rid of him. But then, he came even closer.

He said,"Kak, boleh peluk tak?"
I was so shocked and I had to move back a little bit because he was so closed to me. I replied,"Nak buat apa?Tak pelah nak balik dah ni"

The boy was really determined to hug me I guess so he came even closer and closer that I had to move further from my car. He kept on repeating,"Bolehla kak, sekejap je"

I was getting a little bit mad and I said firmly,"No! Pegi balik! Balik!"

Luckily he stopped moving closer and said,"Ok, sorry ek kak". Then he went towards the hall.

All I can say is, OMG!!, what was he thinking? He is just a boy and I'm not even a public figure! Boys these days...I have no comment.

P/S : To my youngest and only brother, please don't do something crazy like this ok. Or else...


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey everyone,

I reckon I have to lose some weight. I'm so heavy.......


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quest of Finding Gold at the Coast for the Wizard of OZ

Hey everyone,

I just got back from a holiday with my best friend in Gold Coast, Australia. We also spent a day in Brisbane.

We arrived at Coolangatta Airport and from there we bought a freedom ticket which consisted of a to & from airport shuttle as well as a 7-day unlimited pass of the public bus. It was AUD113. The public bus service here has schedule, so you may plan your journey to save time
We stayed at Suntower Apartment, Surfers Paradise. It was only a few steps from the beach.

A few of the shopping centres that you should go to shop till you drop
there. You should also go to Australia Fair & Pacific Fair

We bought our tickets to the theme parks here. Saved the hassle of queueing for the tickets at the theme parks. You can also get discounts here.

We went to Movie World. The ticket was AUD70. It was awesome! Here are some of the pictures of me with the Super Heroes & other characters

We bought an unlimited entry ticket to the Dreamworld and it was AUD 70. Hence, we went there twice. The ticket is still valid until 30 June 2010. Anybody?

Not to forget, Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise

We also went to Brisbane for a day. We took a train from Helensvale Station to Central. The bus to Helensvale Station as well as the train to Central took us about a 2 hour journey. The off-peak daily ticket was AUD16.20 that would enable you to ride the bus and ferry in Brisbane. However, you can't use the ticket during the peak hour which is from 3.30-7 p.m. The peak daily ticket would have costed you more.

Don't ask me whether it was a fun holiday or not. Can you actually compare working to a holiday? I'm looking forward to go to my sis's graduation in June. Hope my leave will be approved. If it happens, I'll tell you about the trip alright? Hope this entry may give you a glimpse of what Gold Coast & Brisbane's like & assist you in planning your future trip.