Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scary Pranks

Hey everyone,

What would you do if you were in this situation?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Once in a Life Time Event

Hey everyone,

I got hitched this year. I am married to a wonderful guy who accepts me the way I am. There's no doubt about it. No, this entry will not be about him and make you feel sick reading it. I would like to provide what were the services I hired for my wedding and my views on their services.

1) Wedding Invitation
I simply loved the wedding invitation and we got it at a very reasonable price for only RM.080 per card. It was from Kajang Wedding Card and we had no problem with their service. We also decided to add on a ribbon to enhance the wedding invitation.

2) 'Dulang Hantaran' and 'Pelamin' for Solemnization
Both were from Nurul Arbee Creation (you may contact her via Facebook). Her service were superb at reasonable price. A dulang with fresh flowers will only cost you RM55. However, I believe she has raised her price to RM75 now. 

We also took her service to design our 'pelamin' for our solemnization which was held at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan KL. For me, it was simple yet elegant for a price for only RM800. I totally loved it. 

3) Solemnization Dress
I bought the material (lace which I'm currently crazy about) at Jakel. It's quite expensive I would say, 4 metres would be about RM2k. Some may be more expensive depending on the material. I heard that you can get cheaper price if you buy the material in Bandung but I'm too sure about the quality.

I sent the material for stitching at Busana Cinta Boutique in Pertama Complex. Designed by me and the designer (Eilla) stitched it exactly as I wanted with good quality. Price is about RM400 depending on the beading on the material. The more beading, more expensive it will be. For a designer who does work with celebrities (Erra Fazira, Elly Mazlein, etc.), her pricing is not as ridiculous as others are. At least that's what I reckon.

4) Venue for Wedding Dinner
Our Wedding Dinner was held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, KL. The place was nice, complete with a stage to design your 'pelamin'. The price was reasonable too. RM60 per head and the food was delicious (that's what my friends and family told me).

However, what's a wedding without hiccups right? The restaurant's management was awful as our salesperson was so inefficient. She promised us everything but in the end did not walk her talk. Let me just give you one example, she told us that we could have the restaurant the whole day for rehearsal and to set up the stage as well as decorating the restaurant. Suddenly, there was another wedding in the afternoon and we could only use the venue by 4.00 pm. Screw the rehearsal but my 'pelamin' will take 5 hours to set up. Hence, the timing was inadequate. Lucky they manage to pull it off as the stage was done by 8 pm. The wedding dinner started at 8.30 pm.

5) 'Pelamin' for Wedding Dinner
I do love my 'pelamin'. It was by Ann Maqnifique and she created a new design simply for our wedding. However, all that time we were only looking at a sketch and we could only see the real design during the wedding dinner itself. Simply 'gamble' I would say.

Her service was ok, but you have to bare that she's a bit hard to be contacted and you have to make and effort to be kept posted with her progress. Meaning, you have to actually call and meet her yourself not vice versa. Price was ok. It was roughly around RM7k for the 'pelamin', flower arch and high main table decor.

6) Wedding Dress
My wedding dresses were designed and tailored by NFlair Boutique at Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam. The design were based on my ideas. I love the stitching as it fitted nicely on me. However, I do feel that the beading should be more but that's only my opinion. Sadly, the designer didn't want to do it. I was a bit upset for a while. Nevertheless, my friends said the beading was adequate and the dress was pretty. Well, different people have different opinion right. I cant' tell you how much it cost as the price will vary, depends on your negotiating skill and design. For me, the price was quite reasonable. (*you can see my other wedding dress at the picture below)  

7) Make Up Artist
I had 2 different MUA for my wedding dinner and wedding reception. My wedding dinner make up was done by Ian Sham which I simply loved and it was airbrush make up. The make up was natural and light plus it didn't change how I look. Hair do design was based on my request. Her price is RM800 per session.
Another make up for my wedding reception was by Zamrimatouch Inspired. I didn't quite like the make up as my foundation was so thick and it cracked after a few hours. However, the make up looked simply nice in pictures (I think it's more appropriate for a photo shoot make up and not for wedding). Please don't be fooled by the picture, unless you yourself like thick make up. His price is RM500 per session.

I hope my entry will assist you in creating a perfect memorable moment on your big day. Mine was simply perfect despite the hiccups. Do leave comments if you would like to request for their contact number.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hey everyone,

Recently I learned that the best way to attract the customers is by creating something easy and can make them lazy (meaning they don't have to put much effort on it). Watch the video below, TESCO South Korea (changed to Home Plus) has created a new shopping system which I reckon is genius!