Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Cream

Hey everyone,

It's been quite some time since I hang out with my high school buddies. Last weekend we had a wonderful time. We also had ice cream as our supper (NOT HEALTHY yet DELICIOUS yumm yumm).

We had ice cream @ Swensen, Mid Valley. This is earthquake & it's RM 43 only with 8 flavours.

My high school best buddies

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey everyone,

Although I've stopped going to my kickboxing class, I still have to workout. If not I will easily gain weight.

This is my gym, Celebrity Fitness, One Utama

This is one of the aerobic rooms. I always go for Hip-Hop Dance class & Body Combat

This is my instructor, Baby G, (in front) & a few of the people who join the class every week dancing to Papparazzi. Me? Of course I'm not in the video coz I was the one who recorded the video

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Day @ KLCC

Hey everyone,

Last weekend, as usual weekends are my favourite days & I hate weekdays, to release my so-called tension, 'we' went to KLCC. It has been a while since the last time I went to KLCC.

1st, we had Indian cuisine for dinner.

These were our dishes. From left, buttered naan, mushroom & peas gravy , & not to forget tandoori chicken. It was so delicous!

Actually I was just planning to stroll around, but then I bumped into this wallet which I reckoned it was gorgeous. Plus, my so-called old wallet doesn't look that nice anymore. I think if I would have given it for free, nobody would use it.

Then, I bumped into this nice key holder, so I bought it.

Since our movie would only commence @ 11.20 pm, so we went for a drink @ Starbucks. We ordered caramel but that guy gav us chocolate, hence, we got it for free. Lucky us.
From left : Caramel, Choclolate & a so-called mystery guy

We watched Sherlock Holmes. It was good.

This is my old wallet. Anybody?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey everyone,

Diamonds are a woman's best friend....well instead of diamonds, I reckon that it should be accessories. Alright, lets put gold, diamonds as well as pearls aside. These are the expensive jewelleries, but about the cheaper ones?

To tell you the truth, I love pearls. Nevertheless, I do also adore the cheaper ones such as crystal.

This is the made in Malaysia's crystal. It costs about RM50 only

The pendant was bought in Russia. It's crystal with a little bit of gold & diamonds. This is my favourite coz the design in one of a kind

This Preciosa crystal was bought in Prague. Quite a reasonable price. Despite having its' own boutique, Preciosa is also sold @ souvenire shops in Prague. If I can recall, the necklace is only around RM100.

Swarovski crystal. I bought this in Praque, but it's also sold in Malaysia. The ring is about RM450

Well this is not crystal but it's a ring that I truly adore's Dior

Oh I love this ring. It's also not a crystal. It's Gucci. Nice huh? I love rings & I don't know why


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner @ Marche

Hey everyone,

Today my family & I we went for a dinner. Since it was a last minute decision, hence, we decided to go somewhere nearby. So we chose Marche. It wasn't my first time but I've never put my review regarding Marche anywhere before.

The place was nice, but the food....hmmm ok la......not that good nor that bad. The choices there? Basically it's western food.

The guy @ the juice counter was a little bit puzzled when my youngest sis was ordering something by using my ticket....then he realized & said 'oh adik-beradik ke?muka xsama pon'. I replied, 'mestila, dia anak angkat'...ahakz...

Marche Restaurant

The seatings

Don't forget to label ur table as 'occupied' once u are seated

The juice counter

My orange juice

Vanilla ice cream with rasberry jam topping

Us having ice cream

Us with Marche's mascot?


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Medical Check Up

Hey everyone,

I know I initially intended not to write anything that involves my personal life but, I'm so fuming that made me inscribed this entry. Ok, this happened last Saturday, we went to a promotion of a full head-to-toe medical check up (MRI, Pap Smear, Mammogram etc.) which we reckoned the price was quite reasonable, plus we could give our propotion of having the medical check-up to families as well.

We were about to take the plan, suddenly the manager came and began to express + convince us to take the plan, which we had already decided to take anyway. Then, he asked for my hand (instead of there was a guy's hand there for him to ask) and suddenly he pinched me REALLY DAMN hard! It was super excrutiating that I nearly dropped I tear but of course I tried to control. He said whilst I was the 1 who was suffering in pain, nobody else would have understood how dreaful the pain was. Ok, U made ur point but was the pinch necessarry? I was so in shocked that I didn't know what to do. Should I slap him? Should I scold him? or should I juz went off juz like that? Wanna look how appalling it was? Juz have a good look @ these pictures.
My arm a few hours later

My arm the next day
Well....juz give it a thought of how dim-witted that guy was.