Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey everyone,

I'm not writing this entry just to simply advertise and making business. It's just a simple thought through my experience and how I've succeeded to run away from my worst nightmare. I've never had acne problems until 2 years ago. Suddenly, due to stress and hormonal imbalance, I had a severe acne problem. And when I said severe, it was SEVERE! The acnes were all over my face, and it was enormous.

Not having this problem before, of course it would make such insensitive people to actually come and ask me (some of them even asked every time when I met them).....

"OMG! What happened to your face? Teruknya....sayangnya dulu cantik je,'

"What happened? Ni xjaga muka la ni....makan xbtul ni,"

I just really wanted to tell all of them, excuse me, You don't have to tell me all the OBVIOUS statements, I do have mirrors at home and I know how my complexion is.

Then, I started to see my dermatologist, and I got another remark.....

"Ish macam makin teruk je....betul ke doktor tu?"

At this point, I just don't know whether they were trying to make me suffer more or trying to be so-called concern by using the wrong worst words ever.

Anyway, to cut story short, besides taking medication that my dermatologist gave me (although it made my face looked chubbier), I found this skin care product which I reckon it's the best product ever. It's Exposed Skin Care.

Have a look at the comparison chart below: How Exposed matches up against other very popular topical acne treatment products.

ExposedMurad®Proactiv®Rodan & Fields®
Azelaic acid
Normalizes skin
Benzoyl peroxide
Kills bacteria
Glycolic acid
Renews skin
Salicylic acid
Unclogs pores
Dries sebum
Stimulates healthy tissue
Green tea
Regulates skin sebum
Olive leaf
Kills acne bacteria
Licorice root
Evens skin tone
Tea tree oil
Reduces inflammation
Guarantee365 days60 days60 days30 days
Price (60 day supply)$49.95$59.90$39.95$85.00

Exposed is not available in stores worldwide. You would have to buy it online. Visit the website here for more information or if you wish to order one for yourself. It would cost you about RM 230 a set, depends on the exchange rate.

You may also visit THIS website, if you would like to know what are the effective skin care products in the market now based on customer's review. You may notice there that Exposed is the best product rated there compared to others.

Hope this entry may assist/help some of you guys out there. Besides using a good skin care, you would also have to take medication to treat it from the inside if using the skin care alone doesn't work. You may want to try Diane35 or Roaccutine for more severe acne. Or you may ask me yourself to elaborate more on this.

p/s : To all you people out there, please don't ever tell a person about what they already know. What difference does it make? It doesn't even make you look like you are actually concern. Also, please don't ever ask people why suddenly they have A ZIT on their face. Don't you know it's normal to have a zit once in a while? Sometimes, I just don't understand at how so insensitive people can turn out to be.



  1. agreed ...
    like apa yg I experience skrgla.. tiba2 jerawat penuh satu muka..
    how do i know .. dia sudennly pop out kot padahal dulu muka licin jer..
    bila org komen2 rs makin stress jer huhuhuh

  2. Cherrie..if you reckon that your skin care is fine, maybe you should try Diane35, you can buy it at pharmacies. The price range is from RM35-RM39. So no harm trying. Take it on your 3rd day of cycle onwards.

  3. tapi bukan ubat-ubat ni beri kesan pada jenis muka kita ke? meaning tak sume orang boleh makan ubat yang sama.

  4. Maksud kesan?Mestila bole mkn ubat yg sama...ada org xbole mkn ubat selsema yg sama ke?

  5. Acne? I hate that 4-letter word..
    I had severe acne when I turned 19. I used sebamed teenage cleanser n it worked miraculously. Now at 26, it came back. So now I'm using Cetaphil for oily skin cleanser, make sure I drink plenty of plain water and 2 tb of apple cider vinegar added into 450ml of water everyday.. It seems to work :)


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