Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forgive & Forget

Hey everyone,
I have 1 question. What will you do if you are asked to so-called forgive & forget to a person whom you reckon the biggest jerk in the world? Well everybody dislikes this particular person but they are just good at being a hypocrite. It's just me alone who can't be a hypocrite as I just don't have that chatacteristic. So the question is 'to be or not to be'?.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey everyone,

I was googling just now and I found this......



Hey everyone,
When I first heard about the latest product from Apple, I was thinking, hey it looks different than a laptop, cool! Then hearing & reading about other people's views, it makes me think twice, and I've come into a conclusion that I won't buy it. Here's what I think:
1) The name is iPad - The name itself I reckon it sucks. One of my friends asked me,'So you want to buy an iPad with wing or without wing?' Seriously guys, that's the most creative & inovative name that you can come out with?

2) No flash - OMG! What's a netbook without a flash?! What's a Facebook without Farmville? No way....I might as well just use my enormous old PC @ my house.

3) No multitasking - How can you use a netbook but you can only do one at a time? Whilst I'm checking my mail I can't log in into FB? Wow...what a 'brilliant' idea.

4) No camera - So no video conference? I guess Apple doesn't know how to create a gadget with a camera in front.

5) Touchscreen Keyboard - How can I type when the iPad will be lying flat? Typing on my iPhone is slow enough, so when can I finish my work? Hmmmm a week for a 5-page?

6) No USB port - Seriously? Do I need to elaborate? Well you can have one if you buy the external ones. What a great way of thinking to make extra money.

7) Limited Storage - Maximum is 64GB? Come on.....even my external hard disc has more storage.

These are only a few that I reckon essential for me. In conlcusion....iPad is the bigger version of no thanks...I already have one that I can carry in my handbag. So what do you think people?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey everyone,

This stall may be considered as 1 of my favourite 'makan' places. I've introduced it to some of my friends as well. It's called 'William' and it's @ Taman Mayang, PJ. You should try. The menus are their own creative recipes & the food is superb!.

This is the 'William'. It's a very simple stall.

This was our dish. It's Seafood Spaghetti Bolognese. It's about RM 20. Look @ all the seafood!

This is Summer Peach. You should also try Ribena Longan. My favourites!