Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hey everyone,

This used to be my passion when I was a student, kickboxing. I joined for about 6 years (maybe, I lost count). My class was @ Xtreme, Plaza Damas, Bandar Sri Hartamas. Fees was quite reasonable, RM150 whilst RM120 for students. Kickboxing also has gradings like Taekwondo:

Level 1 : White
Level 2 : Yellow
Level 3 : Red
Level 4 : Orange
Level 5 : Green
Level 6 : Purple
Level 7 : Blue
Level 8 : Brown
Level 9 : Black

I stopped once I reached brown belt coz I started working @ dat time & my office is in Putrajaya, hence, I don't have time to go. It's far & the class is only on weekdays. Now, I only go to Body Combat class @ the gym. It's similar to kickboxing, only it's a shadow boxing wit music.

I also was offered to represent Malaysia @ a kickboxing competition, but every year there would be some obstacles that would restrict me to go e.g. final exam, hari raya, no sponsorship & juz started working. Guess I don't have the luck, but the practice was a great experience.

I was shooting for the Xtreme Sports programme

We were among the seniors in the class, she's already a black belt holder

This is called the front push

Warming up wit my master

The poster for our demo. C the person in blue? That's me


Holiday at Hot Spring, Sungkai Dec 09

Hey everyone,

This is my family's 'Cuti2 Malaysia' holiday. We went to the Hot Spring Sungkai, Perak. Situated in Felda Sg. Klah. To go there is simple, juz use the North-South Highway & exit into Sungkai.

This was the villa we stayed in. It's RM800 per nite. 2 bedrooms, kitchenette & a private hot spring. If U want a cheaper price, U can go for the hotel. However, staying in the hotel, U would hav to ride a car to go to the public hot spring

The bed in the main bedroom

The private hot spring

The private hot spring also has bubbles


Holiday in Ho Chi Minh Dec 09

Hey everyone,

During our Christmas break, my colleagues & I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The trip was totally only to shop until I drop but I reckon it was worth it.

We stayed @ Saigon Pink 2 Hotel which only costs USD25 per nite

This was our hotel room. Nice rite for a budget hotel?

@ Ben Thanh Market. It was only within a walking distance from our hotel. There U can bargain for clothes, silk as well as souvenire.

In Ho Chi Minh, U really hav to bargain. We got 4m silk for only USD9.

This is the shop whereby U can buy ready made baju kurung. It's really worth it, a baju kurung moden, full with beads & sequins around the neck, sleeves & foot of ur baju kurung, is around USD25-USD40. Stitching is also quite nice. Know the way, & U can juz walk from the hotel.

Hard Rock in HCM juz recently opened when we went there. Yes, we also walked from our hotel.

Look @ the sapodilla (ciku), so damn enormous yet tasty. U have to try the sapodilla juice

Tandoor is 1 of the halal restaurant in HCM. U should try the cheese nan together wit the tandoori chicken as well as the masalla. Yummm!!!

This halal restaurant is only within a walking distance from our hotel. A meal would cost U around VND100,000 (RM20)

From left, coconut, sapodilla & Vietnamese coffee. The must try! It's only VND 15,000 (RM3)

The beef noodle

The fried cantonese mee

Holiday in Frankfurt, Berlin & Prague June 09

Hey everyone,

This holiday was so great. We went to lots of nice places & the weather was also pleasant. From KL we flew to Frankfurt. Then we went via cheap flight (Ryan Air) to Berlin which I have to admit that Air Asia is so much better.

Then from Berlin we went to Prague (also known as Praha) by train. There, I shopped a lot of crystals. It was so cheap, crystals were sold @ souvenire shop only. From Prague we went back to Frankfurt via Ryan Air to take our flight back to KL.

Frankfurt Zoo

Look @ the strawberries & my personal favourite, sweet cherry!

Lovely flowers

Berlin Wall

Lego Land, Berlin

On our way to Prague by train

The tram in Prague

Astronomical Clock

Praque Castle

The guard @ Prague Castle

Charles Bridge, Prague


Trip to Hanoi May 09

Hey everyone,

This was also a working visit whereby I had to manage. This time it was a different Deputy Minister. This trip was quite enjoyable then the other trip as it wasn't that hectic. As usual, I didn't get to go for a stroll that much as it was an official trip.

Performance of 1 of the Vietnamese traditional dance during our closing dinner.

Performance of traditional percussions

Me @ the Literature Temple

Our travel guide was wearing their traditional clothes

From left is the CEO MQA, Director of MEPC, DG JPT, Deputy Minister, Ambassador & Special Officer to Deputy minister


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip to Egypt & Saudi Arabia Sept 08

Hello everyone,

This wasn't actually a holiday but I was managing the working visit of our Deputy Minister to both Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Didn't really enjoy it though for quite a few reasons. It was tiring, inadequate sleep, was during the fasting month. Nevertheless, everybody there was nice. They took our Deputy Ministry to stroll around Cairo & Jeddah.

Wit (from left) Consulate General in Jeddah, Deputy Minister & Education Attache in Jeddah after a dinner with the Saudia Arabian counterpart. The restaurant was quite nice. It's @ the Hilton Hotel. I'm the shortest here...hahaha

In Cairo, I stayed @ Sofitel Hotel

The Pyramid

Wit our Deputy Minister & his family, together with the Director of MSD

This museum situated in Cairo, keeps all the authentic mummies

We had dinner on cruise along Nile River, Cairo. It was nice, but as it was during the fasting month, there wasn't a belly dance show. Rugi....


Holiday in Singapore Dec 08

Hey everyone,

Our hoilday to Singapore was also quite short as it is near to Malaysia. Since Singapore is not that big, we managed to visit some of the interesting places. You can go around Singapore for only 1 day. It's adequate.

@ Orchard Road,

Me & my family @ Marina Bay (not a complete 1 coz my sis is in Moscow, studying)

The white lion, hence, Singapore

@ Underwater World, Sentosa Island