Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Medical Check Up

Hey everyone,

I know I initially intended not to write anything that involves my personal life but, I'm so fuming that made me inscribed this entry. Ok, this happened last Saturday, we went to a promotion of a full head-to-toe medical check up (MRI, Pap Smear, Mammogram etc.) which we reckoned the price was quite reasonable, plus we could give our propotion of having the medical check-up to families as well.

We were about to take the plan, suddenly the manager came and began to express + convince us to take the plan, which we had already decided to take anyway. Then, he asked for my hand (instead of there was a guy's hand there for him to ask) and suddenly he pinched me REALLY DAMN hard! It was super excrutiating that I nearly dropped I tear but of course I tried to control. He said whilst I was the 1 who was suffering in pain, nobody else would have understood how dreaful the pain was. Ok, U made ur point but was the pinch necessarry? I was so in shocked that I didn't know what to do. Should I slap him? Should I scold him? or should I juz went off juz like that? Wanna look how appalling it was? Juz have a good look @ these pictures.
My arm a few hours later

My arm the next day
Well....juz give it a thought of how dim-witted that guy was.



  1. suka hati je pinch orang sampai lebam. boleh kena saman.

  2. Tula nyesal masa tuh xnaik angin sbb tgh trkejut + blur

  3. ntah2 sume tuh Fadh je yg bc hahahahaha

  4. wei asal aku xleh msk blog ko nih ina


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