Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey everyone,

Although I've stopped going to my kickboxing class, I still have to workout. If not I will easily gain weight.

This is my gym, Celebrity Fitness, One Utama

This is one of the aerobic rooms. I always go for Hip-Hop Dance class & Body Combat

This is my instructor, Baby G, (in front) & a few of the people who join the class every week dancing to Papparazzi. Me? Of course I'm not in the video coz I was the one who recorded the video


  1. dulu aku pon gi celebrity fitness gak...
    kat bangsar village...
    skg yang paling dekat dengan putrajaya is truefitness ioi mall...perghh tak sanggup den nak meredah jem ke sana...huhuhu

  2. itula...aku pon tgh pk..kalo pindah bukit mahkota nnti...manala gym aku nk gi


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