Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hey everyone,

This used to be my passion when I was a student, kickboxing. I joined for about 6 years (maybe, I lost count). My class was @ Xtreme, Plaza Damas, Bandar Sri Hartamas. Fees was quite reasonable, RM150 whilst RM120 for students. Kickboxing also has gradings like Taekwondo:

Level 1 : White
Level 2 : Yellow
Level 3 : Red
Level 4 : Orange
Level 5 : Green
Level 6 : Purple
Level 7 : Blue
Level 8 : Brown
Level 9 : Black

I stopped once I reached brown belt coz I started working @ dat time & my office is in Putrajaya, hence, I don't have time to go. It's far & the class is only on weekdays. Now, I only go to Body Combat class @ the gym. It's similar to kickboxing, only it's a shadow boxing wit music.

I also was offered to represent Malaysia @ a kickboxing competition, but every year there would be some obstacles that would restrict me to go e.g. final exam, hari raya, no sponsorship & juz started working. Guess I don't have the luck, but the practice was a great experience.

I was shooting for the Xtreme Sports programme

We were among the seniors in the class, she's already a black belt holder

This is called the front push

Warming up wit my master

The poster for our demo. C the person in blue? That's me



  1. lein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im linking u to my blog!!!! nice to have u in blogspot too!! weeee.

    see my blog for the list of our friends' blogs.

  2. lein!!!!!!!!!!!! hai!!! xoxo

  3. lin... tahu tak any Body Combat class or Kickboxing class near putrajaya??? aku dh lama carik la.. tetiba google jumpa blog ko plak.. hehehe...

  4. ermmm aku xsure la ada ke kalo body combat maybe True Fitness kat Puchong tu la

  5. I'm not sure, tapi biasa gym kena bayar about RM150 sebulan and you can go as many as you want to any class that they have.


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