Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner @ Marche

Hey everyone,

Today my family & I we went for a dinner. Since it was a last minute decision, hence, we decided to go somewhere nearby. So we chose Marche. It wasn't my first time but I've never put my review regarding Marche anywhere before.

The place was nice, but the food....hmmm ok la......not that good nor that bad. The choices there? Basically it's western food.

The guy @ the juice counter was a little bit puzzled when my youngest sis was ordering something by using my ticket....then he realized & said 'oh adik-beradik ke?muka xsama pon'. I replied, 'mestila, dia anak angkat'...ahakz...

Marche Restaurant

The seatings

Don't forget to label ur table as 'occupied' once u are seated

The juice counter

My orange juice

Vanilla ice cream with rasberry jam topping

Us having ice cream

Us with Marche's mascot?



What do you reckon?