Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday in Ho Chi Minh Dec 09

Hey everyone,

During our Christmas break, my colleagues & I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The trip was totally only to shop until I drop but I reckon it was worth it.

We stayed @ Saigon Pink 2 Hotel which only costs USD25 per nite

This was our hotel room. Nice rite for a budget hotel?

@ Ben Thanh Market. It was only within a walking distance from our hotel. There U can bargain for clothes, silk as well as souvenire.

In Ho Chi Minh, U really hav to bargain. We got 4m silk for only USD9.

This is the shop whereby U can buy ready made baju kurung. It's really worth it, a baju kurung moden, full with beads & sequins around the neck, sleeves & foot of ur baju kurung, is around USD25-USD40. Stitching is also quite nice. Know the way, & U can juz walk from the hotel.

Hard Rock in HCM juz recently opened when we went there. Yes, we also walked from our hotel.

Look @ the sapodilla (ciku), so damn enormous yet tasty. U have to try the sapodilla juice

Tandoor is 1 of the halal restaurant in HCM. U should try the cheese nan together wit the tandoori chicken as well as the masalla. Yummm!!!

This halal restaurant is only within a walking distance from our hotel. A meal would cost U around VND100,000 (RM20)

From left, coconut, sapodilla & Vietnamese coffee. The must try! It's only VND 15,000 (RM3)

The beef noodle

The fried cantonese mee


  1. kelakar plak restaurant halal bernama un.halal.. hahah

  2. camana u booking hotel tu? thru online ke?
    un. halal tu walking distance ke from hotel?

  3. Shahrizan:I had a friend who booked it for us, but u can call or e-mail to make the bookings...mmm dlm pic nih bole nmpk ke no tepon tu? if xbole, I think I still keep the card.

  4. vn halal tu mmg sgt dkt, only 3min of walking distance


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