Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starting to Blog

Hey everyone,

I know..I know...U may think 'apa?skarang br nak start?so old school'. Well, I've been thinking for quite some time about blogging but I couldn't think about what should I write in my blog. I can't juz concoct anything in order to potray myself to others that I'm soooo happening nor write about my personal life, coz believe me, it's too personal.

Suddenly, after a few days of having superb holidays + I'm soo lazy to do my work rite now, abruptly it juz went through my mind...hey maybe I can write bout my interest a.k.a my diary (non personal matters). Yes, that should be sumthing. Well, I thought of writing sumthing educational (coz some of my closest frenz love to read only educational blogs). Sorry frenz...I'm no more a lecturer to begin with let alone to educate..ahakz....I do hope my interest would be interesting to you, my, hey maybe it can save my phone bills in putting into the picture of...for U guyz.

Miss you guys...hope my blog will bring me even closer than b4 to you...(U know who U are).

xoxo :p


  1. Welcome to Blogging world. so your blog is a travelog? am i right?

  2. Bukanla...mula2 travel dl...then slowly writing something else about my interest

  3. Welcome to blog world..
    Do elaborate more on your trips.. Where to shop, where to sleep, where to go sightseeing..
    Already added in your blog in my bloglist

  4. wah~~ welcome to the blogging world. u can take my blog space here cuz i dont think i'll b blogging anymore.. hehe..
    closest friends who only read educational blogs?? bia betul?? bosannyee.. hehe.. sape la agaknyerr..

  5. Hahaha ntahla my frenz yg xsuka bc menda merapu2 ni la hehehe,anyway sorila aku buta IT,don't know how to use ur space


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