Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip to Egypt & Saudi Arabia Sept 08

Hello everyone,

This wasn't actually a holiday but I was managing the working visit of our Deputy Minister to both Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Didn't really enjoy it though for quite a few reasons. It was tiring, inadequate sleep, was during the fasting month. Nevertheless, everybody there was nice. They took our Deputy Ministry to stroll around Cairo & Jeddah.

Wit (from left) Consulate General in Jeddah, Deputy Minister & Education Attache in Jeddah after a dinner with the Saudia Arabian counterpart. The restaurant was quite nice. It's @ the Hilton Hotel. I'm the shortest here...hahaha

In Cairo, I stayed @ Sofitel Hotel

The Pyramid

Wit our Deputy Minister & his family, together with the Director of MSD

This museum situated in Cairo, keeps all the authentic mummies

We had dinner on cruise along Nile River, Cairo. It was nice, but as it was during the fasting month, there wasn't a belly dance show. Rugi....


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