Sunday, December 5, 2010

Humility is the Best Policy

Hey everyone,

This happened when I went for a late registration for Pre-TESL at a local university. I was offered 2 courses and I had already registered for one of the courses. Thus, I didn't get the offer letter for Pre-TESL but only a phone call.

In order for you to be able to pay for your fees, you have to have your offer letter first (obviously!). So my parents and I went to the university's office to get my offer letter as instructed by my lecturer at the faculty. We went there, went to see an officer (if I'm not mistaken), a lady to be specific, asked for the offer letter and she said,

'Adik datang lain kali lah untuk ambik offer letter tu, adik masuk class dulu nanti bila-bila datang balik ambik surat,' with an arrogant face.

Thinking that it was ridiculous, my mum tried to help, 'Yela takkan sekarang xbole ambik...susah nak datang balik sebab anak saya tak drive, fakulti dia pon bukan di sini'. faculty was about 5-10 km to the office. It's at a totally different section, outside of the main campus.

Then she cut off my mum by telling her, 'Makcik sekejap ye saya tengah cakap dengan anak makcik,'. Just how rude some people can be.

I was 18, I didn't know what to do. Should I scold her to just do her god damn work? I mean, how hard can it be to just print out a stupid simple letter? To cut story short, I went to the office a few times, but I still didn't get the offer letter.

This issue on producing my simple offer letter went on until I received a warning that I could not sit for my final exam because I hadn't paid my fees yet! Now you tell me, was it my fault? So I went to complain to my Dean, she made a phone call, the next day I went to the office, they printed the letter straight away and it only took 5 freaking minutes!

One of my friends had the same problem, and when the stupid lady told her to come back again to get the letter, her uncle scolded her telling that it was ridiculous and they got the offer letter straight away! Maybe I should have done that.

Now that I'm working and I've developed this firm attitude (maybe...hihihi), if I bumped into these useless people, you will really get it from me (akan aku sekolahkan kau habis-habisan). Same goes to the makcik-makcik kerani kerek who work at the hostel. Amboi, bukan main lagi korang marah-marah student suka-suka hati tak pasal-pasal. Korang ni dah takde keje lain sangat ke? You should be helping the students, not scolding them just because you are lazy to just do your work.

p/s : I've also learned that sometimes you need to create drama to achieve something.



  1. sound je org yg kerek2 ni

  2. drama is what i love


  3. aku setuju! sekolahkan mereka-mereka ni.

    sometimes kalau terkena situation mcm ni mmg malas, kang bising2 kita pulak nampak rude, tapi kalau tak bising, orang pemalas mcm tu tak belajar. susah.


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