Thursday, December 30, 2010

Compact Powder

Hey everyone,

My old compact powder was about to finish, but one fine day I accidentally dropped the compact powder and it fell into pieces (menangis!). Thus, went to hunt for a new compact powder (yeay!solid reason to shop!). So I went to the Dior counter and found their latest edition of compact power. It's Diorskin Nude, a natural glow sculpting powder make up. Price is RM190.

It has 3 shades.
Top : Illuminer - to enlighten your cheek bones and nose bridge.
Middle : Sculptor - to sculpt your nose bridge (mancungla sikit hidung tu kan) and cheek (bole nampak pipi kurus gitu)
Bottom : Unifier - the powder for your whole face. Comes with an SPF 10 ++

The casing. Nice!

The extra brush for shading.

My review? Well the illuminer and sculptor work best with foundation. Just love the shading effect. Feel lazy to do the shading? You can just swipe all 3 with the sponge at one go and you are done!


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  1. my compact [powder kalau dah nak habis mmg selalu jatuh n pecah.. dah 3 kali mcm tu... hmm


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