Monday, November 22, 2010


Before you get married : 'Bila nak kawin?'

When you are married : 'Bila nak dapat anak?'

When you already have a child : 'Bila nak tambah anak?'


When you are thin : 'Ish kurus sangatla, you should gain some more weight'

When you are curvy : 'Ish....asal ko macam dah berisi ni?'


When you dress nicely : 'Eee asal dia pakai baju macam tu? Macam nak gi clubbing je?'

When you tone down a bit your dressing : 'Selama ni baju dia cantik je, asal tiba-tiba pakai baju macam sarung nangka?'


When you give something for free : 'Hmm....nape takde 'x', 'y' dan 'z'?. Kenapa tak buat macam 'x', 'y' dan 'z'?

If you don't give : 'Eeee dia tu memang kedekut'.


I don't easily give compliments nor judgmental towards people. Sometimes you should just shut up and look at the mirror. What you don't want people to do to you, don't do it to others. Also, stop asking such stupid questions. There are more other things you can talk about. If you don't like to compliment people then you should also zip your mouth either ways. Sometimes you should also learn to appreciate and how to say thank you.

Stop telling people, 'Ala just ignore what ever those people say', because humans do have feelings no matter how hard you try to ignore. You will feel it even though just a tiny bit. What I learn in life is, it is really hard to expect people to be nice to you. You can count with fingers (trust me, you will never lose count) how many that are truly nice and won't talk behind your back. Sometimes it's the people that you least expected who would actually bitch about you. I know this entry won't change anything..........but, worth a try.

p/s : Grateful of what you already have but there's no harm of improving yourself rather than trying to make others fall.



  1. we can never change people, we can only change ourself.

  2. kan????????? semua benda kita buat salah. semua nak comment.


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