Sunday, November 21, 2010

iPhone Casing

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was my day out with my best friends and we went for a stroll at Pavillion plus my friend wanted to buy a wallet. As we were strolling, I found an adorable iPhone casing by Burberry. Didn't know that even the designers are also designing them although I know that the market is being flooded with iPhone 's casing leaving behind other brands such as Nokia.

It's RM900. Just arrived 2 days ago. It's for iPhone4 but can also fit into iPhone 3GS. Gosh I almost bought it but tried so hard to hold myself. Hahaha. They also have a casing for iPad and Blackberry.

Then we went to Gucci to find 1 but it was sold out!

p/s : Thierry Mugler is having a 50% sale now.


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