Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hey everyone,

I'm in love with this Butterfly Chest but it costs RM1,799! Do you reckon it's worth it to buy? Look at the small drawers at both sides, I can put all my make ups in them!

Well, I've paid the down payment for a bedroom set for my supposedly new house but we are not planning to move anytime soon. Hence, it has been kept at the Emperor's Classic Furniture for more than 2 years now.

So the question is...I already bought a set which has yet to be used anytime soon, should I buy this gorgeous chest? If the moving happens, I may not need this chest anymore.



  1. owh xpe ..
    u can always give it to me ...
    I don't mind ^ ^

  2. Yeke? Akan dipertimbangkan....eleh nnti dah buruk dah xmau plak

  3. dont think the moving will happen sometime soon. so u better buy it. hehe..

  4. cantikkkkkkk but maybe simpan dulu la duit tu. hahaha simpan for yor wedding hehe

  5. membazir ni...buat ape nak beli...hehehe


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