Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holiday in Phuket Feb 2010

Hey everyone,

Last CNY, my family & I went to Phuket. Well there were a lot of Caucasians there that made me think what Malaysia doesn't have compared to Phuket? Maybe because of there are a lot shops there near the beach. It's developed. PD, Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang hardly shops near the beaches.

We stayed @ The Kris Hotel & Spa @ Patong

Our hotel. However, it was quite far to walk from the hotel to Bangla Road. The shops were all there. We walked for 10-15 minutes from the hotel. So I would recommend you to stay @ a hotel near Bangla Road.

Patong Beach

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

We made suits @ the Regal Suit. It was 4,400 baht for a blazer,skirt & pants. It's about RM 440

We paid 1,500 baht for a trip to Phi Phi Island with a speedboat. It's about RM 150 per person complete with lunch

Snorkeling @ Phi Phi Bay

The Tuk Tuk a.k.a taxi in Phuket. So expensive. Anywhere you would like to go it's 200 baht even though it's only a 2 minutes drive

We found this shirt @ a shop in Phuket



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  2. Jmpa pn x,cmne nk kasi,mcmla ofis jauh kn

  3. macam mane nak snorkeling kalau pakai life jacket?

  4. tau takper....padahal sebelah jer building nyer...

  5. fadh:bole je,asal plak xbole...bknnya scuba diving..duh!!!

  6. tapi xle la nak tgk terumbu karang macam tu...tgk pun dari jauh je...xle nak pegang2...bermain2 dengan obor2 dengan ikan yu...

  7. nampakla terumbu tu..kitaorg ada jg snorkelling tempat lain yg kalo gatal nk pegang pon bolela...bermain2 dgn obor2 & ikan yu konon....kalo rs mcm dh lama sgt hidup..dh boring...terjun je la bangunan xpyh ngengada nk bermain2 dgn binatang tu sume

  8. nak pergi phuket juga!!!! jom ita go holidays same2?? old friends gathering!!! where ye?

  9. jom...y dont you start a group msg in FB?


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