Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forgive & Forget

Hey everyone,
I have 1 question. What will you do if you are asked to so-called forgive & forget to a person whom you reckon the biggest jerk in the world? Well everybody dislikes this particular person but they are just good at being a hypocrite. It's just me alone who can't be a hypocrite as I just don't have that chatacteristic. So the question is 'to be or not to be'?.



  1. forgive. but tak yah contact2 dah. biar jeeeeeeeeeeee dia sendirian. ignore him/her. but forgive la. coz forgiveness is divine.

  2. mcm mana kalo slalu jmpa?n then org tuh pon muka blagak je..

  3. do what u think is right.

    orang camni kalo xde dlm life u pun xpe.

  4. kalo aku, aku maafkan dan bole lupa tp jgn ganggu hidup aku lg..mcm hadi ckp, org camni tade dlm life pon takpe..menyemak jek

  5. org tuh xingin pon nk mintak maaf sbnrnya sbb dia rs dia yg btul & bagus

  6. kalo camtu lin, pergi mampos sama dia la..nk wat cane..ko maafkan aje..takyah tunggu dia least part ko da lepas


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