Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey everyone,

Diamonds are a woman's best friend....well instead of diamonds, I reckon that it should be accessories. Alright, lets put gold, diamonds as well as pearls aside. These are the expensive jewelleries, but about the cheaper ones?

To tell you the truth, I love pearls. Nevertheless, I do also adore the cheaper ones such as crystal.

This is the made in Malaysia's crystal. It costs about RM50 only

The pendant was bought in Russia. It's crystal with a little bit of gold & diamonds. This is my favourite coz the design in one of a kind

This Preciosa crystal was bought in Prague. Quite a reasonable price. Despite having its' own boutique, Preciosa is also sold @ souvenire shops in Prague. If I can recall, the necklace is only around RM100.

Swarovski crystal. I bought this in Praque, but it's also sold in Malaysia. The ring is about RM450

Well this is not crystal but it's a ring that I truly adore's Dior

Oh I love this ring. It's also not a crystal. It's Gucci. Nice huh? I love rings & I don't know why



  1. i love rings too!!!!!! cantik la your collection!

  2. bg hint suro org beli kan ker??? hehe
    eh bwat la tmp nk comment nih pop up jer ...

  3. Beli pakai duit sendri je tu nnt hehe


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