Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Holiday in Milan, Italy (December 2013)

Hey everyone,

After a day in Venice, the next day was a plan to stroll around Milan. With the Metro station just a few minutes away from the hotel, hence, it's easier for us to start our journey. The Metro will cost you €1.50 1-way.

Places to go in Milan:

Take the Metro and get off at Duomo to visit The Duomo Church.
Reminder : At the Duomo Church, you will find a few African guys trying to tie some stupid thread bracelet on your hand and he will definitely say it's a gift. After they tied it, they will ask for money and only God knows what he will do to you if you don't pay. So, please be careful.
Shopping at Galleria Vittoro Emanuele II if you like branded stuff. Don't forget to claim for the 13% VAT if you do shop here. It was a window shopping for me as I was planning to buy mine in Paris (yes, I'm that lazy to carry my stuff hahaha).
On our way to the 'fashion rectangle' (we walked all the way there) for more window shopping, we found this lovely park which is called Parco Indro Mortanelli. How I wish it was spring time.
More window shopping at Quadrilatero Della Moda. 
Jimmy Choo
His dream car... Maserati
Louis Vuitton
Milan city.........

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  1. Hello i was in Italy in July 2015 and i visited many parts of the country. I did not get to Milan but i did visit Florence and Venice. Simply amazing


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