Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Weekend in Penang

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago, I accompanied my husband for 1 of his running event in Penang. So, converting it as a holiday, we decided to stay in Hard Rock Hotel Penang for a new experience.
Hard Rock Hotel Penang

This is the Lagoon Suite. You can jump into the pool straight from your room. So nice.... The room rate will be around RM700-800 per night.
That night we had our dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. The food was ok. You may listen to the band performance which will start from 10.30 pm onward  Lazy to get up from the bed? Never mind, you can watch it from the TV in your room. There's also a jazz performance at the hotel lobby but you will have to fight for the seats as they are limited.
Some of the views at the hotel:

This is the swimming pool area. Look at how big and fun the slidings are!
We had a wonderful time in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Swimming, listening to the Jazz Band at the hotel, watching the free movies provided, strolling around the hotel compound. Would love to come back again.....


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