Sunday, October 10, 2010

I wish.....

I wish my friends are well
Strong whenever they fall
Just know that I will always be there
Holla...ring...sms...and make me aware

I wish you will always be my friend
Perhaps I didn't notice I did offend
I'm human....I didn't mean it
Let me know and rectify it

I wish my friends will love me as I am
I wish they know that my love is unconditional
It's a clichè but I want friends forever
Even when I'm married and found my lover

Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for listening to my problems
Thank you for pampering me
Thank you for being there during my ups and downs
Thank you for choosing me as a friend

I don't want money
I don't want praises
I don't want presents
I just want YOU

Thank you is a simple sentence that won't potray how deep my appreciation

I wish.....I found the exact words to say
I wish..... it will come true
For the's only thank you

p/s : Sincerely from dear friend



  1. xnk duit?
    meh kasi kat aida

  2. I don't want money from my friends la ngok...eee reti membaca ke x ni?

  3. alolo.. shweeettt.. hehe.. proud to be your friend Cik Syazlin, Puan Syazlin, Nenek Syazlin.. =p


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