Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner FOC

Hey everyone,

I had dinner at Marché just now and you know how's the system there. You will have to hand over your 'passport' at the cashier before you exit in order to pay. We were queuing at the cashier and suddenly a Chinese guy came from the back and pretended to look at what was happening at the cashier because the customer in front of us couldn't use his credit card. At this point, I knew what that Chinese guy was trying to do. Just as I thought, he went slowly out of the door having pretending at the cashier with his 'passport' still on his hands. There you meals for his family and he did it smoothly and relaxed. My guess is, it wasn't his first time.

For me, you can steal or cheat if you want to, but eating free meals...that's just too much. Furthermore you are feeding your family without having to pay them. That Chinese guy didn't look at all like a guy who couldn't afford to pay and he's already around his 50's. Humans..... sometimes they are so stupid naturally.



  1. ishhhhhhhhhh balik rumah cirit birit

  2. die dah biasa buat tu. sok sok kembung la perut die nanti


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