Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday in Russia June 2010

Hey everyone,

My family & I barely had a chance to go traveling all 7 of us. My dad doesn't like to travel & my younger sister's studying abroad. However, last few weeks we went to my sister's convocation in Moscow, hence, we grabbed the chance of converting it as our first ever family holiday. All 7 of us.

We flew with Emirates and transited in Dubai

Places we went in Moscow @ MOCKBA

We also went to St. Petersburgh with a flight. The journey was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Places to buy souvenirs
Above : St. Petersburgh
Below : Moscow

Left : Apartment we stayed in Moscow
Right : Hotel we stayed in St. Petersburgh

My sister's convocation, it was so simple and boring. I.....I mean...we slept half way, way too many speeches and it was in Russian!

We really enjoyed the holiday. Russia has such beautiful landscape as well as scenery. It was easy to travel around as they have this subway called Metro. The frequency of the train is every 2 minutes. Awesome huh?. The only thing is they don't speak English (majority of them, they don't even know numbers in English) and let's just say some of them are not really friendly or I may describe it as rude. Some...not all.



  1. cool giler...aku teringin nak gi moscow...tapi baca kat internet it was darn expensive...but i love the architectures though...waktu ko transit kat dubai sempat shopping tak? dubai sangat best wooo mau shopping...hehehe

  2. fun!!! good for u!

  3. Akmal : Some of the stuff are a lot cheaper than here you know but the flight ticket was expensive. Buildings are so nice there. We only shopped at the airport in Dubai coz what I was only thinking about sleeping :p.

  4. bestnya dpt holiday. :) glad u had fun! and congrats to ur sis on her convo. :D :D :D

  5. Payah jugak nak jenjalan kat moscow kalu diorg x reti ckp omputih baru la btul2 lonely planet ni hehehehe

  6. lein...brapa flight ticket ko ke moscow ari tu? coz i manage to come across the net flight to moscow via Qatar Airways from KL cost about RM2.8k return inclusive tax...

  7. Kitaorg punya mahal jg, rm4.1k...rm2.8k tu kira murahla jg


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