Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey everyone,

Do you know that Sanziana Buruiana, a model from Romania, is establishing a 'Beautiful People' political party with the plan of improving the country's image as follows:

1)Obese citizens will be taxed 10 Euro per kg of overweight
2)People who make 'dumb blond' jokes will be punished
3)Fine 100 Euro for infidelity
4)Only bikini models are allowed to be tourist guides

You must be wondering just how pretty she is. Here are some of her pictures.

It's all fake! Maybe the party should be called 'Plastic People' political party and she's not even pretty! By the way, these are the only decent pictures that I could find. So if you wanna live in Romania, you should be having a pocket full of money.



  1. omg!!! so dumb ok. mmg tak lawa pun.

  2. hahahaha...gile merepek parti politik ni.


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