Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey everyone,

I get bored easily with my hair style, hence, I change it quite often. Here are some of the hair styles that I have tried.
During my first few years in the university, I kept my hair short

Also tried to keep it long and I always coloured my hair

Tried to keep fringe once in a while

A couple of years before I graduated, I kept my hair long

Got bored with my straight long hair, I curled it

Then I decided to keep my hair shoulder length

This was my hair style 4 months ago

My latest hair style, just like my university days. Difference is only with side fringe.



  1. lollllll damn girl.....i think you and i did everything to our hair, short, long, coloured, permed, straighten, bangs, CHOPPED IT OFF, and CHOPPED IT OFF EVEN MORE!!! that's awesome...u look great with the long hair but you look hotter now!

  2. well I think we have a lot in common, including what I've discovered recently hehehe :p

  3. hmm... teringin nak tgk u jd redhead plak. mesti super hawt

  4. Hadi : Red head pn dh prnh buat...I think I've tried almost every colour

  5. cantik. cute. i suka u rambut hitam

  6. Hana : Yeke?hmmm xjdla nak colour rmbut blk hehehehe


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