Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Short Trip to Brussels, Belgium (April 2013)

Hey everyone,

This is my last entry for my holiday in Europe last April. Sorry for the late update, I have just changed to a new unit and the officer who used to be in charge of this desk, amazingly had a backlog since April. Anyway, it's not really a  problem for me.
From Den Haag HS we took a train to Brussels Centraal. I would advice you to study the train schedule so that you may choose the most convenient time and the cheapest train ticket. You may check it here The journey will take you about 2 1/2 hour.
Our first stop was the Grand Place. From the station, you will see the Marriot Hotel. From the hotel, take your right and just go straight and follow the signs. 
Right next to the Grand Place is the Hard Rock Cafe. A must visit place for my every trip.
This is the Mannekin Pis. One of the must see when you go to Brussels. From the Grand Place, just go behind it and follow the sign. You will definitely find it. Around the Mannekin Pis, you will find a lot of souvenir shops with reasonable price.  
Don't forget to taste the Godiva when you go to Brussels. You may also buy the Belgian chocolate at the souvenir shops with a very cheap price. I bought 5 boxes of chocolate for only €10.
Monument of King Albert. To get here, from the Marriot Hotel, take your left.
Palais de Justice, from the Marriot Hotel, take you left and just go straight. It's only a 2 minute walk.
This is the park that we found it near to the Palais de Justice. If only the flowers have already bloomed, this park would have been so nice.....
The Brussels City
That's about it folks. I've already written all the details you need to know on my holiday in Holland, UK and Belgium last April.

Wait for my next entry on our anniversary and our end year trip. These might be my last 2 trips and the next trip might only be in the next couple of years. I'll update you! Chao!


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