Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Gift - Honeymoon in Cameron Highlands

Hey everyone,

This entry is to express my deepest appreciation to my hubby's aunt who was kind enough to give us a honeymoon trip to Cameron Highlands as our wedding gift. It was a 3 day and 2 night stay at Rossa Passadena Hotel and also tour guide around Cameron Highlands.
Once we arrived, we were served a candle light dinner by the hotel.
Not to forget a bouquet of flowers at the end of the dinner.
The hotel also gave us some welcoming dessert at our room.
The next day, we were brought for a sightseeing by a tourist guide (it's in the package as well). As usual, we went to the must see places there which are Boh Tea Plantation (I wouldn't recommend you to go there due to the traffic), Strawberry Farm, Rose Farm and Butterfly Farm.

I bought a few trees to plant at our so-called garden (it's just a yard for the moment), pine, chili and lavender trees. I hope it grows well and if it does, I'll upload it here.


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