Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grand Lexis

Hey everyone,

Love to swim but hate to wear the swimming suit? No need to worry, just head on for a holiday at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson.
 The villas are above the sea. Great for somebody who likes to fish. A real fish of course.
 Of course we booked a family room (2 queen bed)
 ...and the most important...a private swimming pool. It's 4 feet deep. Should you feel the swimming pool is too small for you to swim, no need to worry, the hotel has a bigger pool  as well.
sunset view....ahhh.....

Price? Ours was about RM600 per night including tax and complimentary breakfast for 2.



  1. Ni dulu yang nama dia Waterhomes tu kan...niceeee...ko tunggu MATTA fair slalu boleh dapat less than RM450 for villa yang ada private pool tuh...yeahhhh...

  2. RM450 before of after tax? if before tax then it's about the same price..tax is around RM80

  3. less than RM450 with tax...yang deluxe takde pool tu dapat dalam RM300 with tax...

  4. really? great! tp aku mls gi MATTA Fair hahaha that's the main problem


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