Friday, August 13, 2010

Heart Rate Monitor

Hey everyone,

I'm planning to buy a heart rate monitor but not sure which one I should buy. Narrowed my options to these 2 types. Tell me what you think.

miCoach Zone. It's RM270. Not really sure how it works but it looks nice though

Nike Sportband. The Sportband costs RM229 but you would have to buy the Nike+ sport shoes in order to insert the sensor in the shoes. Well I do really need a pair of new sport shoes. The design that I love is RM 307. It's blue and have a little taste of pink.

I'm not planning to buy a HRM that will cost me over RM300. Hence, I've taken out Polar and Beurer from my options. Puma & Timex also have HRM but they look like regular watches (I'm not really into 'OK' design stuff :p). Going to have a look at the miCoach Zone tomorrow to make up my mind.

My siblings seem to reckon this HRM is the prettiest



  1. Nnt nike tu xle pakai kasik fadh jela

  2. Afidas punye lawagak. Ada color lain tak? White?

  3. Hana : xdela...only 1 design...anyway I bought the Nike Sportband, blue & grey colour


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