Sunday, June 13, 2010

Music is My Life

Hey everyone,

I'm a person who's very much into music. I love to sing, dance & play organ. I've been playing organ since I was in Standard 2.

There's a Yamaha Music centre near my house & every week my family would go to a supermarket nearby. Each time I would be bugging my dad to send me to learn playing instrument there.

Sulking a few times & forcing my dad to send me there, finally he surrendered & registered me. I was torn between joining either organ or piano lesson. The lady there advised me to take up organ lesson as piano would be a little bit difficult. Organ is a little bit different than piano as it has upper & lower keyboards as well as pedals. I stopped going to the class when I was in Form 5 as my parents wanted me to focus on my SPM (I didn't focus that much either though). After that I was lazy to resume going to class as the exam was getting harder & I can basically play any song if you give me the notes. I reckon it's adequate.

That was how I started playing organ. My ambition now is to buy the RM15k organ which has the programming that would make it sound similar to the recorded song itself. My dad wouldn't buy it for me as he said with that kind of money he could already buy a house.

My beloved old organ



  1. Wow expensive! I can buy a car hehe

  2. Maybe my future husband has to buy it for me hahaha 


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