Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hey everyone,

I went to my friend's wedding just now. Seeing friends...chit chatting....catching things up. After a couple of hours, I decided to go back.

As I was about to reach my car, a boy, perhaps a 13 year old boy, came and approached me.

"Kak, kakak ni cantiklah,"
I replied,"Ok, thank you"
The boy came closer & said,"Nak salam boleh?"
Feeling a bit weird I said,"Eh tak payahlah, nak balik dah ni pun"
He came closer a bit more and insisted,"Ala bolehlah kak"

I really wanted to go back, so I said ok. So I shook his hand just to get rid of him. But then, he came even closer.

He said,"Kak, boleh peluk tak?"
I was so shocked and I had to move back a little bit because he was so closed to me. I replied,"Nak buat apa?Tak pelah nak balik dah ni"

The boy was really determined to hug me I guess so he came even closer and closer that I had to move further from my car. He kept on repeating,"Bolehla kak, sekejap je"

I was getting a little bit mad and I said firmly,"No! Pegi balik! Balik!"

Luckily he stopped moving closer and said,"Ok, sorry ek kak". Then he went towards the hall.

All I can say is, OMG!!, what was he thinking? He is just a boy and I'm not even a public figure! Boys these days...I have no comment.

P/S : To my youngest and only brother, please don't do something crazy like this ok. Or else...



  1. mak aiii...kecik kecik dah jadi pervert...besaq nanti kompem kasanova...hahaha

  2. Hana : I'm not sure whether it's a dare or not, tp tempat tuh mmg agak lengang n xde org pon


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