Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember Me

Hey everyone,

Finally I've finished reading Remember Me. Love it! Having reading, I felt that I was in love especially in the last chapter. Trying to build again their so-called lost relationship. Just like the Ghost Whisperer. I just hate that the guys in her stories are all so near to perfection, romantic, nice and gentlemen. If you love Chic Lit you should read this book. Well it's not all about love you know, it's also about Lexi trying to get on track of what her life is. Carrier, friendship, family, marriage & respondsibility.

No, the movie Remember Me (the hero is the cute Robert Pattinson of Twilight) isn't the adaptation of this book ok.



  1. Dalam novel real life mane ada laki near to perfection. Dpt yg good enough

  2. yeahh i was wondering about the movie robert pattinson too. title same.


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