Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hair is a Lady's Crown

Hey everyone,

Last weekend I had a new hair cut. It's a must for me to trim my hair every 3 months to avoid split ends.

I've been going to Wenawave Salon since I was 19 and I have my own hair stylist. She's the best because she always gives me great hair cut. Thanks Jane! This salon is in Times Square. The main branch is in Sg. Wang & soon a new branch in Giza Mall

These were my before hair

These are my after a.k.a. new hair do. What do you think? Yes Ain, I know you won't like my fringe as you can't see my whole face :p


  1. Igt agnes monica td...hehe

  2. The new haircut makes u look younger.
    I have the same haircut but without the fringe :)

  3. Gosh I LIKE! Very Cleopatra and chic! Bold and it shows off your features wonderfully!


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